Ruby Rose Fox “Getting Over You” Duet

Twenty years ago, Willie Nelson’s album Across the Borderline, was on constant rotation during a cross country road trip to California. It still remains one of the most influential recordings to me. He performs many heartfelt duets on the album but the one which has always stuck with me is the song he does with Bonnie Raitt called “Getting Over You” which was written by Stephen Bruton.

Earlier this year, a friend and her husband were having a moving sale prior to their move to California. Being musicians themselves, Jessica and Leo had a great selection of gear for sale. The one thing which caught my eye immediately was a Spanish Guitar. As soon as I picked up the guitar and started playing it I knew I wanted to buy it. It had all the cool markings and wear a vintage, well played guitar should have…not as much as Willie’s guitar, Trigger, but still. Turns out it was Leo’s first guitar and was constructed in Granada by a Guitarrero named Jose Morales. A deal was made and I bought the guitar promising to be a caring owner and to write many songs with it.

Some of the first songs I played on it were from the album I adore so much from Wille. I’ve always wanted to pay tribute to the album which had such an impact on me so I decided to start by doing a version of “Getting Over You.”

It wasn’t until this past Summer that I finally saw the plan start to take shape. After playing a gig with Ruby Rose Fox and speaking with her and Guitarist/Videographer, Roger Metcalf, we decided to make a video of Ruby and I performing the tune. Shortly thereafter we popped in to Q Division Studios to record it.

photo (1)

What happened next was magical.

Coincidentally, Ruby and I would later be nominated for a 2014 Boston Music Award in the same category for Singer-Songwriter of the Year.

Like I said, magical.

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