Magen Tracy “Fiercely”

The first single from Magen Tracy’s forthcoming EP has been released.

Jed Gottlieb of the Boston Herald wrote…

“You know those jam-packed gems recorded at Muscle Shoals? Oh, you know the ones, some Aretha Franklin album cut we dug for years but just learned Duane Allman played guitar on, Tom Dowd produced and Mick Jagger cameoed on maracas, all while some dude from Dr. Hook is passed out in the bathroom. Magen Tracy’s debut single “Fiercely” feels like one of those Muscle Shoals moments. The singer-songwriter-keyboard queen doesn’t sound retro, but she delivers old-school sleazy swagger — you can almost hear that “Gimme Shelter” scream in the background. Behind her Nate Leavitt plays the role of Allman and Dowd…”

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