2019 Singer-Songwriter and Folk Artist of the Year nominee.
Boston Music Awards

“I’ve made it no secret that I believe songwriter Nate Leavitt is one of the most gifted musicians in the Boston music scene.  I witnessed Leavitt bring a capacity audience of strangers to their knees.  That’s a special kind of power.”
Ryan Spaulding – Ryan’s Smashing Life

“Nate Leavitt resurrects the ghosts of folk in order to re-find himself.”
Michael Marotta – Vanyaland

“Nate Leavitt has a way of comfortably ripping your heart out.”
Brian Carroll – Red Line Roots

“Watch folk singer Nate Leavitt and rapper Moe Pope collaborate on a new remix.”
Christian Burno – The ARTery Music Premiere

“Leavitt brings an ocean swell of emotion and experience to this album.”
Victor D. Infante – Worcester Telegram & Gazette

If you’re looking for a happy ending, you won’t find one here.  But that’s fine.  In art, as in life, it’s often more about the journey than the destination.
Mayer Danzig – Twangville

Past Mentions

“Leavitt is a gifted soul who deserves this attention and more. Regardless of the name he plays under, most everything he touches turns to gold.”
Ryan Spaulding – The Outlaw Roadshow

“One of the finer musicians in town, the guitarist of Parlour Bells and former Blizzard of ’78 ringleader has quietly crafted an impressive solo career.”
Michael Marotta – Vanyaland

“Authentic: That’s the first word that comes to mind when describing Nate Leavitt. In the vein of artists like Butch Walker, Nathaniel Rateliff and Chris Stapleton, Nate stays true to his heart and Nashville roots on his latest EP, Someone Send a Signal, released earlier this year.”
Holly Perry – Music City Notes

“Leavitt is always able to inject that sense of yearning into his music, self-deprecating in a very balanced kind of a way where you can feel a man’s pain, desire and repentance. And man, that feeling feels good.”
Brian Carroll – Red Line Roots

“Hail Leavitt for breathing life into alt-country once again.”
The Revue

“I was initially drawn to Nate Leavitt and the Elevation because they were likened to Jason Isbell. But I’m so glad I was because, to put it bluntly, I love them. There are serious similarities, and I’m digging it. Nate’s raspy voice is the perfect soundtrack to my extended snow cation, and it encapsulates the descriptor “ghost-folk” superbly.”
Stacey – This Is Our Jam

“These are songs of heartache and loss.., It all comes together with a sincerity and earnestness that gives these performances an unexpected warmth.”
Mayer Danzig – Twangville

“Gorgeously produced and performed. Highly recommended.”
Power Popaholic

“The song ‘Someone Send a Signal’ feels like some long-lost Neil Young or Whiskeytown track. But there’s a sense of ageless beauty to it that keeps it from feeling drawn to any one time or genre.”
Joshua Pickard – Nooga

“His most recent work, the Someone Send a Signal EP, sees Leavitt rise out of the ashes of broken relationships and troubled scenarios.”
Richie Demaria – Santa Barbara Independent

Listen: Nate Leavitt and the Elevation “When I Was With You
The Bluegrass Situation Song Premiere

Paste Cloud: Nate Leavitt and the Elevation ‘Take Me Back’
Paste Magazine

The TVD First Date: Nate Leavitt
The Vinyl District

“Finally coming to terms with the songs in his heart, Leavitt has crafted an utterly amazing debut album in, You, Me and The Silence. It’s a near-masterpiece of emotive storytelling and gentile grace. The more I have listened to the songs off this record, the more I have fallen for them – and you will too. These songs are mesmerizing.”
Ryan Spaulding – Ryan’s Smashing Life

“Try to keep yourself from weeping quietly in your cubicle at work – these songs are beautiful but they’ll sock you in the gut.”
Jed Gottlieb – The Boston Herald

“There is a deep amount of heart, sorrow and persistence in this man’s songs. He is a songwriter after my own heart, writes about the darkest of human emotion that some folks are just plain afraid to touch on. These songs make me feel something, which is what music is supposed to do.”
Brian Carroll – Red Line Roots

“Effectively reflecting his affinity for the softer sounds of singer-songwriter folk and alt-country of the Ryan Adams (circa “Heartbreaker’’) variety…Inference is an emotionally stark, bare-bones affair that puts his plainspoken, plaintive voice squarely front and center.”
Jonathan Perry – The Boston Globe

“Nate Leavitt’s solo debut packs a lot of power—subtle, ghostly, chill-the-flesh-off-your-bones power. Which says a lot, considering this is a folk album.”
Alex Schab – The Weekly Dig

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