New Band, Page and Show

I’ve been working hard on the new album and I can happily say that it’s mixed! Once I figure out the sequencing it will be sent to mastering and then out to you.

I’ve assembled an incredible solo band and after one practice we’re feeling very confident. Joining me are Dan Nicklin (Guitar, Omnichord, Harp, Vocals), Magen Tracy (Keyboards, Vocals), John Maloney (Bass), Ned Gallacher (Drums), Noel Coakley (Pedal Steel, Banjo) and Brian Carroll (Mandolin). I’m very lucky to have such talented and warm people around me to play music with.

The band and I are gearing up for our debut on Tuesday September 17th with Barnaby Bright and Cara Domings at Cafe 939 in Boston.

Lastly, I have a new Facebook Page focusing solely on the solo music. Please go Like me!

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