Is it Really August Already?

This Summer is flying by thanks to a busy June and July as well as some planning ahead for the Fall. I’m happy August is here because it’s normally the time that I slow down and take some time for myself. It’s also the time that I’ve set aside to mix the new album but that’s sort of like relaxing, Right!?

Some of the highlights from the past two months….

Thursday June 20th
OldJack at Redstar Union

MicSwap-320x480 Sometimes great ideas for shows turn into great shows such was the case with this one curated by Jed Gottlieb of the Boston Herald. Lead vocalists Dan Nicklin of OldJack and Keith Pierce of Mellow Bravo switched bands for a few songs each and the outcome was one of the best times I’ve ever had onstage. Playing OJ staples like “Chorus Line” and “Deny Me Not” with Keith and Jess Collins leading the way was pure rock magic. The whole performance was broadcast live online and video is available here!

Keith Pierce onstage with OldJack.
oj micswap live

Pre show interview in the Redstar Green Room.
Oj Micswap interview

Mic Swap rehearsal wearing different “hats.”
oj micswap practice

Saturday June 22nd
Parlour Bells and Old Jack at Make Music Harvard Square

It’s rare for a night time type band to play out in the sun. But when asked to play in the middle of Harvard Square for an all day outdoor music festival even a vampire wouldn’t say no. Plus sparkly pants always look better reflecting actual sunlight!

Parlour Bells@ Make Music Harvard Square 6.22.2013
See the full photo set by Johnny Anguish at Daykamp Music

Friday June 28th
Parlour Bells Video Release for “Bachelor Hours” at The Pill

nate the pill video release

Photo by Derek Kouyoumjian. Full set Here

pb video release the pill
Photo by Anne Cook. Full set Here

Saturday June 29th
Solo and Old Jack at The Red Room @ Cafe 939

nate 939

It was my first time playing at Cafe 939 and certainly won’t be the last. I started off the set as a duo with Magen Tracy on piano and then brought OldJack on to back me up for the remainder of the set. I had never played my solo music with a full band and I really like the way it sounded. I’ll be returning to 939 in September with full band in tow to support Barnaby Bright.

nate and oj 939

Saturday July 13th
Solo at Sally O’Brien’s

A mid summers night gig in Somerville is always a good time and makes up for all of the cold winter time shows. It also gave Derek an opportunity to shoot a cover boy for Boston at Nite.
nate boston at nite

I’ve also been ducking into the studio to finish tracking in between rehearsals and gigs. I recently went to Dan Nicklin’s studio to record vocals for two songs. Dan is a great producer and brought me to a place mentally that helped me perform one of my best takes yet. Plus his Bourbon selection is incredible!


There’s still about two weeks left before “vacation” which means more stuff to do! OldJack will be playing live on the radio on Boston Emissions 100.7 WZLX Sunday July 21st at 10pm. For the 10 weeks of Summer, host Anngelle Wood is having bands come in to play live as part of her Sunday Summer Sessions. (Parlour Bells and myself are scheduled to play in September.) Then, on Monday July 22nd Oldjack are playing at The Brighton Music Hall with The Field Effect and Mona. Finally, on Saturday July 27th I’ll be returning to Newport, RI to play solo and with OldJack at Jimmy’s Saloon for a Newport Folk Fest Post Party along with some other excellent bands from Boston.

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