Parlour Bells in the Rumble, New CD and Old Jack at SXSW

Parlour Bells @ T.T. The Bear's Place 4.5.2012
Earlier this April Parlour Bells performed in the 2012 Rock and Roll Rumble. This was my third time in the Rumble (Delta Clutch & The Blizzard of 78) and it’s always an incredible experience. For us it was much more a music festival than a competition and the band worked very hard to prepare for our set. The end result was our best show to date and we walked off the stage a new band. The Rumble has a tendency to bring out the best in bands which was certainly true for us. Even though we didn’t advance to the semi-finals we made the most of the opportunity and turned some new people on to our thing.

For more photos check out this set by Johnny Anguish from Daykamp Music who called our set “intoxicating.”

Michael Marotta, Music Editor of The Boston Phoenix, said “Parlour Bells added a slick, moody firestorm of post-Hedwig neo-glam to the prelims and were defined by the commanding presence of guitarist Nate Leavitt.”

We’re also releasing a retrospective promo CD which includes all of the singles, “Heart Beatings” EP, Heavy Dream Remixes and our cover of Jane’s Addictions “Classic Girl.”

We’ll celebrate the release with a show at Precinct with our friends The Daily Pravda, Eddie Japan, and Crooked Streets.

Back in March I flew out to Austin, TX for a couple days to play South by Southwest with Old Jack. It was my first time in Austin, never mind SXSW, and I had a great time playing, drinking Lone Star and eating Texas shaped waffles at my Super 8 Motel.

The band played two shows on a Saturday afternoon hosted by The Outlaw Roadshow and The Weekly Dig.

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