Lakers 83 Celtics 79

As most of you know I love Celtics Basketball. So much so that I went to LA to see Game 2 of the Finals. The trip turned out to be a once in a lifetime experience and the actual game was historical. Ray Allen’s performance goes into the record books with his completion of eight 3 pointers, seven of which came in the first half. Needless to say attending the game I love 3000 miles away and witnessing a win was incredible. Anyway, should be an interesting off season with Doc and Ray’s future uncertain in addition to all of the free agent movement. Alas, the season is over but I’ve got some memories to last me until Fall.

I’ve added some shows to the “live” page. Turning out to be another busy month with a Solo/Parlour Bells performance and a few Blizzard shows as well as the new ep we’re working on.

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