Pledge Music Pre-Order

Nate Leavitt & The Elevation release their upcoming EP, Someone Send a Signal, on April 22. Fans can back this project on Pledge Music now through April 6. Recorded in the studio, the album brings to life the nuances and feeling that musicians and fans alike can appreciate.

Backers can now be a part of the musical experience when they choose to support Nate Leavitt & The Elevation. With multiple pledge levels and personalized rewards, there is something for everybody. Each level contains a one of a kind AccessPass which includes a digital download of the EP two weeks before its release date, artist updates and behind the scenes footage from the studio.

Nate Leavitt will also hold a Boston release show on Friday May 6th with an exclusive performance at Q Division Studios. The tickets, only 60 available to the public, are being sold solely through the Pledge Music campaign.

Leavitt chose to record in an actual studio for a number of reasons, saying, “There’s an inexplicable feeling I get when entering a recording studio and locking the doors on the world outside. If the faders on the mixing console could talk what would they say? Every musician in there knows it’s time to work and perform at their best.” The EP was mastered by Pete Lyman of Infrasonic Studios, who also mastered the Grammy Award Winning Jason Isbell and Chris Stapleton albums.

Link To Support Nate Leavitt & The Elevation

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