Parlour Bells in the 2012 Rock and Roll Rumble

Very happy to be in another Rumble and this time with my long time friend and collaborator, Glenn DiBenedetto. When we started Parlour Bells it was Glenn and I completing some songs I had recorded without vocals and performing them as a duo with a laptop supplying backing tracks. Now just over a year later we have a killer band with Magen Tracy on keys, Brendan Boogie on bass and Brandon Erdos on drums. No matter what happens in the Rumble we’re just happy to be the band we are and becoming and to be recognized in a city full of great talent.

The Preliminary round begins April 1-7 followed by the Semifinals on April 12th and 13th and the Finals on April 20th.

The schedule for the Prelims will be announced Sunday, March 11th.

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