Songs of my Youth: Alone Again by Dokken

Dokken was one of the first bands I cut my teeth on while learning how to play guitar. I can remember many weekend nights as an 11 year old sitting in my room learning as many songs as best I could by ear. My first guitar was a red Kramer (I wish I still had it!) like the one George Lynch used and my mom went as far as to write on the Christmas card “To the next George Lynch.” I was all about Dokken in the mid 80’s even braving a Loverboy show to see my heroes open the show. These were some of my first experiences of live music and it was fascinating to see the big lights and deafening sound….arena rock at it’s finest!

My favorite part of the shows at that time were when the bands would perform the power ballad. Dokken were no different and their song “Alone Again” was the highlight for me at their show. The video for the song was like many at the time portraying the band as a tired horse on their last legs while being on the road endlessly. Live shots of them onstage, lonely hotel rooms and fans with lighters high in the sky built up a mystery and fascination I still have today.

When I recorded my version of “Alone Again” I closed my eyes and envisioned myself on that stage.

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