Spring Happenings

It’s been a very busy Spring for me and “the bands.” In April, The Blizzard of 78 performed in the 2011 Rock and Roll Rumble. We didn’t advance past the Preliminaries but the experience was a big enough prize for us and we played what I thought was a tremendous set with a 3 piece horn section. We also got to play with our friends and night number 1 winners Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents and Old Jack who somehow managed to plow there way to the Final round even though they lost on night one. Check out some great pics over at RSL Blog. The whole Rumble experience was great and every band played to the top of their game each and every night. As far as TBO78 goes we’re writing some new music and have plans for some gigs and new recordings in the early Fall. In the meantime check out some video of us performing “The Last Temptation” at the Rumble.

Speaking of Old Jack I’ve been playing some gigs with them too. Being one of my favorite bands in town it’s one of the easiest gigs to do since I’d probably be at the show anyway so most of the time I just show up with a guitar and hop onstage! Here is some video of a recent show at the Lizard Lounge.

I’ve been keeping busy with Brendan Boogie and the Best Intentions too ever since Brendan decided he was going to release 6 EP’s in 6 months! I played guitar on the “Fiction Memories” EP and Produced, Recorded, Mixed and played all instruments on “The Cassingles” EP. Both sessions we’re awesome to be a part of but the more challenging of the two was the latter. Brendan decided he wanted to try something new with me and handed over all controls by simply giving me 4 demos of songs of him singing with an acoustic guitar. Needless to say it was a bit of work and imagination but I enjoyed every minute and are pleased with the results. Check out one of the tunes…

Parlour Bells are heading into the studio this month to start work on some new recordings. Would you like to remix one of our songs? The Heavy Dream Remix Project is an open call to anyone who wants to put their spin on our tune Heavy Dream. The first submission is from Dan Isaacs and is called the Insomniac Remix. If you want to get in the “mix” email us at parlourbells@gmail.com. We’ve got some gigs lined up for June and July so check out the Live page for dates, etc. Our last show was at Brighton Music Hall opening for The Dears. I loaned them my amp mid set when one of theirs started to crap out…nothing like being on the road and having equipment problems! Check out a review of the show as well as some excellent pictures, like the one below, by Johnny Anguish over at Daykamp Music.


Lastly, I haven’t forgotten about ME! I just confirmed a solo show at T.T. the Bears for Sunday July 10th opening for Jimmy Gnecco of Ours. My solo album is finished and will be released this August, hopefully!

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