dreaming of songs

Ever have one of those dreams where you hear a song and think, “This is great, who wrote this” and then wake up and forget it? Well, I had one of those dreams a few weeks back and since the melodic hook in the chorus was so memorable to me I recorded a demo of the song when I woke up. The song is called “Drunk on a Sunday” and is unlike any song I would ever write or even enjoy listening to stylistically (modern, cliche ridden pop country). Not that there’s anything wrong with that but just not the music for me….Okay, there’s a lot wrong with that! The dream itself is a distant memory but the soundtrack, this song, remains in my head to this day. It was so clear that I swore to myself that I had heard it before and in fact searched the title of the song to make sure I had not. Much to my surprise the search came up empty so I embraced my inner Toby Keith and went to work writing lyrics for the verses.

So, that being said, here is the debut of my first ever song written while dreaming…”Drunk on a Sunday”

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