One Night Band 2010

Saturday morning I’ll be headed to the Middle East Downstairs at the unrock-like hour of 10 am to meet up with 39 other musicians and be randomly put into a band with 4 of them. It’s called One Night Band and I couldn’t be more excited for it! There is a challenge of sorts included in this night. The new band I will be put into will have to write and perform 3 original songs and 1 cover the same night at the club we met at earlier.  Last years was a huge success and I imagine this time will be equally as good.

There will be gift bags for the first 300 people in the the door filled with stuff from the musicians.  I’m putting in a 3 song sampler featuring tracks by me, The Blizzard of 78 and Parlour Bells. Get there early to be sure to get one.

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