“Hope You’re Doing Well” Due Out May 13th

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Nate Leavitt


Over the past 30 years as a musician, Nate Leavitt played in several bands, including The Blizzard of 78, OldJack, and Parlour Bells, before emerging from the side of the stage. Since his debut solo album, You, Me and the Silence, in 2014, Nate Leavitt has received three Boston Music Award nominations for his solo project and as a leader of the band Nate Leavitt and the Elevation. Additionally, Leavitt has been involved with The Underwater Sunshine Fest, co-coordinated by Adam Duritz of Counting Crows. Throughout his career, he’s opened for bands including Coldplay, Snow Patrol, and Ronnie Spector.

On May 13, Nate Leavitt releases the single “Hope You’re Doing Well” in tandem with Mental Health Awareness Month. Written during the pandemic, it acknowledges the isolation and loneliness that profoundly affected people around the world and impacted the mental health of so many. The song provides a source of comfort, reminding listeners they aren’t alone.

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