YMS Drummer Jason Meeker

The next person on my list of talented musicians to help me with the Nate Leavitt solo album, ‘You, Me and the Silence’ is Jason Meeker.

I’ve been a fan of Meeker’s drumming for a long time. From his days with MS. Pigeon to being a bandmate of his in Oldjack, he has always laid down the most solid, behind the beat rhythms I’ve ever heard. While the majority of my album is acoustic based, the four tracks that do have drums are all Meeker. His style was the perfect compliment to a sparse, laid back group of tunes.

The first track and single from the album is “Where Did Your Love go” and captures the essence of what I wrote about Meeker’s ability.

Phil Aiken – YMS Keyboardist

Phil Aiken and I started playing together in the early 2000′s in the band The Blizzard of 78. We continue to collaborate to this day with my solo material and his band The Phil Aiken Army. Our intuition for each others music is strong enough where we don’t have to discuss much in the way of direction. There was no exception to this regarding his piano and organ parts on these songs. Even though I know Phil will always deliver the goods I am still blown away by his performances time after time.

Here’s one of my favorites featuring Phil on piano and organ called “Never Could Have.”

Dan Nicklin – YMS Producer and Performer

Dan Nicklin and I met many years ago well before I started playing with Oldjack. He was hands on with the overall production of the album especially with the vocal tracks for “Where Did Your Love Go” and “Taking the Long Way Home.” I recorded a good chunk of the album at his studio too. Even though I sprained my foot one night leaving the control room I still love him.

Here is the track “Taking the Long Way Home” featuring Dan on the second verse and backing vocals throughout.