The Outlaw Roadshow Radio

I recently did an interview and live solo performance on The Outlaw Roadshow Radio on WEMF with host Ryan Spaulding. I’ve known Ryan for many years and he is a true supporter and champion of independent music. Ryan is a music writer, promoter, had his own TV show and along with Adam Duritz of Counting Crows, curates a reoccurring music festival The Outlaw Roadshow.

Solo on WEMF.jpg

Above all else Ryan is a fan of music and it was an honor to be interviewed by him. Audio of the program will be posted soon.

Parlour Bells Back in the Studio

The final show of the Summer for Parlour Bells was a huge success and left us feeling confident as we focus on our next EP.
Photo by Derek Kouyoumjian

I’m Producing the project, we had one last pre-production session before recording Drums and Bass with Engineer Pat Dicenso at Q Division Studios.
PB PrePro and Q.jpg

Of course I had a little fun tracking some guitar at the end of the night.

Make Music Harvard Square 2014

The theme of the Summer for me so far has been performing triple duty with the bands I play in at the same concert (see post below). I can’t complain however as being able to play music outside, on a beautiful day, with talented musicians and friends is a cushy “job.”

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

The afternoon started off with a set from Parlour Bells, followed by my solo band and closing out the day with OldJack.

Later that night OldJack played AGAIN at Atwoods Tavern and celebrated Anngelle’s birthday with a few friends.


Triple Duty at Boston Clawing

Playing in three bands (or more) is hard but enjoyable and rewarding work. Sometimes though the multi-band God’s get evil and I end up playing with all three at the same gig. It’s happened before and certainly won’t be the last time. I decided to mix it up a little this time around.

The gig was an event called Boston Clawing, the first annual concert made up of bands from the local area. It was a response of sorts to the international festival down the street called Boston Calling happening the same weekend.

I played a mini solo acoustic set on the second stage with festival co-organizer, Dan Nicklin.

Photo by Derek Kouyoumjian

Parlour Bells took the main stage a little later in the evening.
Photo by Kevin DeLue/Fox Photography

The final performance of the night was two mini sets with Oldjack. The original plan was for us to play a semi acoustic set with no drums. It just so happened that Adam from Tigerman WOAH (who played multiple sets of their own that day) left his drums onstage and was cool with me using them. I can play drums but I’m technically not a drummer so I had to convince the band (and myself a little) that it would work. Which it did!
Photo by Susan Kaup